Hire the most advanced chatbot on the market

Webotit designs intelligent conversational assistants, integrated into your information systems, that answer 100% of questions.

Our advanced chatbots connected to ChatGPT and LLAMA2 intervene before, during and after the sale to boost your margin by acting on two levers:
- Increase sales
- Reduce the cost of customer relations.

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Don't lose any more customers just because they're poorly accompanied without a chatbot!

How many times have you left a store empty-handed because no one was there to take care of you, or because you thought you knew more about the products than the sales assistant?

And on the internet? You place your order. A few days later you receive it. And then, problem... It doesn't exactly fit your needs. And what's more, you didn't order the accessory that would have allowed you to get the most out of it!

You're not satisfied, you put a bad review on Google and you go to a competitor.

And you don't want that to happen to your customers or your company.

We help you enrich your relationships with your customers, fully satisfy them, increase your revenues and collect ultra-qualified data, now and over the long term.

All thanks to Webotit. Our all-in-one artificial intelligence solution created for brands and retailers like you.

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What do you want to achieve with your intelligent chatbot?

Strengthen your customer relations

Create long-term relationships to keep your customers coming back: quickly and easily improve the quality of your support, whether in-store or on your website, at no extra cost to you.

Improving my support

Increase your revenues and margins

Increase your conversion rate and average basket tenfold: Webotit is a powerful sales tool that uses human psychology to increase your return on investment tenfold.

I increase my ROI tenfold

Collect ultra-qualified data

Collect ultra-qualified data on your prospects' problems, needs and psychological profile. Create the right messages to convert your prospects into customers.

I really know my customers

Every day you wait is a day lost without a chatbot

It's already expensive and complicated to bring in customers. So once they're here, make the most of it.

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A little taste of what we can do for you with an intelligent chatbot.

Time saving

Have autonomous customers, able to find their answer in record time.

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THE purchasing path

Create tailor-made buying paths that convert your visitors into leads, and then into customers.

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Really useful data

Sell to humans. Not avatars. Know your customers' psychology.

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87% satisfied customers

We are constantly improving the quality of our support, based on your customers' experiences with Webotit.

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Powerful sales features

Upsell, comparison, focus on needs, the right messages. Everything you need to boost your ROI.

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100% RGPD friendly

Everyone values their privacy. Data protection is important to us.

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logo of Maison Valmont, Webotit chatbot customer

Frequently asked questions

Why use artificial intelligence in an advanced chatbot?


Webotit has been developing a proprietary artificial intelligence since 2017.

This is one of, if not the most, powerful on the French market.

Indeed, at launch you can expect your chatbot to handle 80% of requests.

After 3 months of using our solution, the rate of conversations resolved by your Webotit chatbot will exceed 85%.

After 6 months, this rate will climb above 90%.

Don't worry, we always provide the right escalation scenarios for your interlocutors needing additional help.

Who can open an account with Webotit, the conversational platform?


At Webotit, we're convinced that chatbots are most valuable when they're able to provide personalized answers and advice according to the user interacting with them.

To do this, we need access to quality data.

That's why we take care of all the necessary integrations with your integration system!

What is the commitment period for a Webotit chatbot or callbot?


Webotit offers 3-year contracts with an SLA of 99.5%.

If you would like a shorter commitment period, this is possible, but the price will be 10% higher.

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Combine the best of human and artificial intelligence to reduce costs and improve service quality

  • Enhance your customers' and members' experience

  • Free up time for your customer relations team

  • Automate what can be automated, rely on people for the rest

  • Reduce your customer relations costs by 30%.

  • Digitalize your business