Increase your ROI tenfold and convert X5 more visitors into leads, then into customers.

No need to spend more on advertising.
On average, our customers multiply their conversion rates by 2.6 and increase their average shopping basket by 41%.

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Medium basket x2

Conversion rate x5

Omnichannel & Phygital

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Increase your income with ONE customer, rather than trying to get more and more.

Advertising networks operate on an auction basis. So there's no secret to winning. You need to make more profit per customer than your competitors, in order to invest more than them.

Let's take an example: let's say your acquisition cost is €1 per customer, your product X earns €2 and your conversion rate is 10%. For every 100 people reached, you earn €10 in profit.

Now you add an upsell (another product or service) at €1. The average basket increases to €3 (50% increase). And you increase your conversion rate by just 2%. For every 100 people reached, you now earn €24 profit.

You've just increased your margin by 240%! Enough to crush your competitors on the auction block!

And at Webotit, you can expect more than just these figures. On average, our customers' virtual advisors multiply their conversion rate by 5 and their average shopping basket by 2.

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Product / Market Need fit.

You can do all the marketing you want, but if your product isn't the best to meet your customers' needs, then you won't sell it.

To find the right product, you need to have an in-depth understanding of your customers' problems and needs.

And Webotit understands this. We've created our solution not around a search using technical criteria, but around the problems and needs expressed by your customer: his expectations, his tastes and his desires.

Customers know their problems and needs. They don't necessarily know the solution.

Increase your chances of selling by proposing the most suitable solution to your customer more quickly.

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Increase your
conversion rates.

Start by creating tailor-made, precise buying paths, to accompany your customers from A to Z, through personalized recommendations.

Like your best salesperson, your Webotit virtual advisor asks the right questions - the ones that help the prospect become aware of his or her needs and evaluate the budget required to meet them.

This support gives customers confidence, and reduces the risk of them exiting the purchasing process.

You can also select two products to offer the customer. This gives them a choice, and you can deliberately put a more expensive product next to the targeted one to make it look cheaper.

The advantage of Webotit is that all these steps are completed in a minimum of clicks and time. It's quick and easy for the user. Here again, we limit the risk of them leaving the site.

Double your
average basket.

Your customer has reached the end of the purchasing process. He's already added his item to the shopping cart and is just a few clicks away from placing an order. He's hot.

And that's precisely when you need to offer an upsell: a complementary product or service that, compared to the order price, seems almost free.

Webotit makes this possible, allowing your customer to add an upsell in just one click.

And best of all, you can also sell your warranties (if you have any) and create a long-term income with a customer.

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Every day you wait is a day you lose

It's already expensive and complicated to bring in customers. So once they're here, make the most of it.

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What to expect when you work with us.

We're going to
classify everything

It all starts with optimizing your product file.

To make Webotit work, we use a keyword system to enrich and sort your products and services according to consumer needs, not just their technical features.

To set up this keyword system, we start from the information available to you (product files, Google shopping feeds, etc.) and improve it by combining our algorithms and business expertise.

This AI-powered system means you can be fast and efficient, even if you have a huge number of references.

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Discriminatory questions and answers.

After categorizing your references in the form of keywords, we draw up a recommendation in the form of questions and answers to identify the customer's needs and propose the most appropriate solution to their problem.

The aim is for the questions to be highly targeted and discriminating, so as to get to the solution as quickly as possible.

Our algorithms are intelligent in two ways: they ask the best questions themselves, and formulate them based on human psychology.

Implementation of sales techniques.

Once we've worked out the recommendation, we can start selling. And to sell, we're going to use techniques like price comparison and upselling.

Using keywords, it's easy to create product combinations. For example, you can combine two products (one less expensive and one more expensive) or select upsells (such as warranties) based on the product purchased.

Target which categories, ranges or product types to highlight according to the recommendation, and vary the products you offer to users for more sell-out, throughout the year as your sales policy evolves.

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