Omnichannel chatbot for retailers: Increase your profitability per square metre!

Our omnichannel chatbots enable retailers to make more sales with fewer in-store salespeople.

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Reduce waiting time

No one wants to wait in line to talk to a salesperson.

On the other hand, over 80% of French people already use their smartphones in-store.

Connect your shelves by deploying QR Codes. Your customers will scan them to get the service they expect from you.

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Offer more advice

Consumers ask questions when they see your products in store.

Most of them are relatively simple, and their processing can be automated.

Make up for the absence or lack of training of your sales force.

Your phygital chatbot offers personalized advice to your customers while they shop, and answer their questions instantly so they put your products in their baskets rather than ending up on Amazon.

Maximize your R.O.I. by deploying it on the web too

E-commerce now accounts for 15% of global sales.

Your brand's chatbot, a real virtual salesperson, can be accessed on customers' smartphones in-store, by scanning a QR Code on your point-of-sale displays.

But you can also deploy it on your e-commerce site and mobile application.

And don't forget your Facebook page and Instagram messenger to offer an omnichannel experience to all your customers!

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Data hosted in France on HDS servers

You, me, your customers, we all value our privacy.

That's why your data is partitioned and hosted in France on HDS-certified servers.

If you wish, we can anonymize all personal data passing through your Webotit chatbot in real time.

What to expect when you work with us.

Offer consumers the best possible advice

Webotit's artificial intelligence for brands is already trained on hundreds of themes, and new ones are added every week!

We co-construct recommendations by product category. Our algorithmic (rather than tree-based) approach guarantees that each consumer will get the right advice based on the product assortment sold at each store.

In less than two months, you'll be boosting your sales and increasing the size of your retailer's shelves. 

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Sell more

Retailers are tending to reduce the number of people on the sales floor. Fewer salespeople means less advice and more waiting.

Thanks to your Webotit phygital chatbot, you can remove a thorn from your side. You'll increase your M2 profitability while improving the customer experience!

logo of Maison Valmont, Webotit chatbot customer

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