Build long-term, trusting relationships with returning customers.

With a customer satisfaction rating of 88%, it's safe to say that the Webotit assistant knows how to talk to your customers! No need to expand your teams of advisors and salespeople: save 74%.

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24/7 availability

90% comprehension rate

A confident customer is 5.2X more likely to buy from you.

Today, many companies neglect customer support. They prefer to focus on sales rather than customer care, before, during and even after the purchase.

Put yourself in a customer's shoes. You wouldn't buy from a company that says, "Buy, buy, buy!" and then drops you as soon as you've swiped your credit card.

You don't want to be like that with your customers, do you? But without realizing it, maybe you do...
Don't worry, it's not your fault. When you're a brand or a retailer with lots of references and points of sale, it's often difficult to see everything.

And that's why we're here!

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The most intelligent (and perhaps even the most human) virtual assistant.

Start by creating tailor-made, precise buying paths, to accompany your customers from A to Z, through personalized recommendations.

Like your best salesperson, your Webotit virtual advisor asks the right questions - the ones that help the prospect become aware of his or her needs and evaluate the budget required to meet them.

This support gives customers confidence, and reduces the risk of them exiting the purchasing process.

You can also select two products to offer the customer. This gives them a choice, and you can deliberately put a more expensive product next to the targeted one to make it look cheaper.

The advantage of Webotit is that all these steps are completed in a minimum of clicks and time. It's quick and easy for the user. Here again, we limit the risk of them leaving the site.

Phygital support. Both in-store and on your website!

Webotit lets you connect your store to your Webotit virtual advisor using useful technologies such as QR codes and NFC chips.

It's a real asset in situations like this:

It's the sales season. You're experiencing unusual traffic peaks.

The problem is that your sales force can't handle all the requests. So you lose customers and money...

Unless these customers have been able to scan a product's QR code (or NFC chip) so that Webotit can accompany them while they wait.

Empower your customers to save your teams time and focus on what they need to do: sell better, to more people!

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A major ally
for your teams.

Let's say one of your advisors can't meet the customer's request for X reasons. The customer is disappointed and the advisor was unable to sell him any products or services.

However, this salesperson could have relied on the Webotit advisor to answer your customer's questions. And that's because Webotit is also for your advisors and salespeople.

Better still, Webotit breaks down the boundaries between your different departments and stores.

Any advisor can provide an answer to a customer without sending them to the other end of the store to meet the department specialist.

Every day you wait is a day you lose

It's already expensive and complicated to bring in customers. So once they're here, make the most of it.

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What to expect when you work with us.

80% generic answers.

First step: implement the Webotit solution with the generic questions and answers of millions of users across all product verticals.

Then you customize the questions and answers to suit your preferences. Rest assured, we won't leave you alone! We'll help you define what's best for you.

What's more, you'll be able to complete and update your FAQ!

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20% personalized responses.

Step 2: Create ultra-targeted questions and answers for your customers, your products and your company.

The goal? To respond to your users' most specific requests. Because you anticipate these questions, you're able to provide a solution very quickly.

We'll be holding workshops with you to create these questions and answers together.

Development through experience

And finally, we'll be perfecting your Webotit consultant day by day, to achieve the best possible customer satisfaction rates.

Our team will analyze each customer's Webotit experience to determine which questions/answers could be improved.

The aim of this ongoing work is to respond to the problems of more and more users, and to do so ever more rapidly.

You can also contribute to this evolution by sending us your specific requests.

And, of course, if you wish, you can contribute to the development of our products by informing us of any requests specific to your activity.

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