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Offer your policyholders a tailor-made service and customer experience with our chatbots connected to your business tools

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Your insurance chatbot responds instantly

Policyholders no longer want to wait several working days for answers from your management center.

Your Webotit virtual assistant operates on your extranets and mobile application.

Available 24/7, it understands your policyholders' questions and provides answers tailored to their contract in less than a second.

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Your insurance chatbot automates your management tasks

Your insurance company receives requests from policyholders every day.

Most of them are relatively simple, and their processing can be automated.

Intelligent chatbots developed by Webotit integrate with your information system to automate processing without the risk of human error.

With Webotit, you can offer the promise that "for frequent claims, we'll reimburse you within the hour".

Your insurance chatbot improves your combined ratio

Our artificial intelligence understands more than 80% of the questions it is asked.

By answering them automatically, your Webotit chatbot enables you to drastically reduce your use of call centers and/or increase the number of policyholders per management center employee.

As a result, you can reduce your overheads by several hundred thousand euros a year, thereby improving your combined ratio.

Our solution can also be deployed on your telephone channels to maximize your savings!

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storage of customer data in France

Data hosted in France on HDS servers

You, me, your customers, we all value our privacy.

That's why your data is partitioned and hosted in France on HDS (High Data Security) certified servers.

If you wish, we can anonymize all personal data passing through your Webotit chatbot in real time.

What to expect when you work with us.

Benefit from pre-trained artificial intelligence

Webotit's artificial intelligence for insurance is alreadytrained on hundreds of topics, and new ones are added every week!

We've also designed scenarios relevant to your business (login assistance, claim submission assistance, reimbursement tracking, adding benefits, etc.).

In less than 2 months, you'll be making substantial savings.

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Webotit employee training a chatbot's artificial intelligence

Perfectly adapted to your business

Every insurance company is unique, and we're committed to tailoring our solution to your business and your ROI objectives.

Together, we'll build the most appropriate scenarios for you and your customers by training our artificial intelligence on new themes that are relevant to you.

We also integrate with your information system and customize the algorithms needed to automate your management processes.

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Combine the best of human and artificial intelligence to reduce costs and improve service quality

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  • Automate what can be automated, rely on people for the rest

  • Reduce your customer relations costs by 30%.

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