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Frequently asked questions

Why use artificial intelligence?


Webotit has been developing a proprietary artificial intelligence since 2017.

This is one of, if not the most, powerful on the French market.

Indeed, at launch you can expect your chatbot to handle 80% of requests.

After 3 months of using our solution, the rate of conversations resolved by your Webotit chatbot will exceed 85%.

After 6 months, this rate will climb above 90%.

Don't worry, we always provide the right escalation scenarios for your interlocutors needing additional help.

Do we need to integrate with our information system?


At Webotit, we're convinced that chatbots are most valuable when they're able to provide personalized answers and advice according to the user interacting with them.

To do this, we need access to quality data.

That's why we take care of all the necessary integrations with your integration system!

What is the commitment period for a Webotit chatbot or callbot?


Webotit offers 3-year contracts with an SLA of 99.5%.

If you would like a shorter commitment period, this is possible, but the price will be 10% higher.

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