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On average, a customer needs to see a product 7 times before buying it.

The further along a customer's buying journey they are, the easier it is to get them to take greater and greater action.

And that's precisely why retargeting, relaunching abandoned shopping carts and contacting former customers work so well!

But for that, you need data. Good data. Otherwise, you might as well be throwing your money and time down the drain.

Most companies only know the age, address or name of their users. Be in the winning minority and know your target's needs, psychology and internal monologues.

Still, it's more useful for sending the right messages and products to the right person at the right time!

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You'll never miss another prospect.

It's not always easy to enrich your CRM with qualified prospects. Especially when you have many points of sale, both physical and digital.

But as soon as a user interacts with Webotit, their experience data is automatically collected and sent to your CRM, in compliance with the RGPD.

Whether on your website, in-store or on other platforms connected to Webotit (Facebook, Instagram).


And not just any data.

Remember: Webotit focuses on understanding the problems and needs of your customers, by taking an interest in their psychology.

The data we transmit to you is therefore highly qualified, enabling you to determine the kind of messages and content to send to these customers... and also to target these prospects with great precision.

You'll have every chance of converting former prospects or customers into loyal buyers over the long term!

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RGPD friendly!

You, me, your customers, we all value our privacy.
And if the European Union has put restrictions in place, it's not for nothing. And so much the better. Webotit is 100% transparent and respectful of all laws.

What to expect when you work with us.

Let's define
your objectives.

The first step in collecting the right data is to define your objectives.

We'll be holding workshops to help you define the right data to collect, based on your objectives and your project.

Next, we'll develop a tailored strategy for collecting this data in the right way during a user's experience with your Webotit virtual advisor.

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the strategy.

Now let's apply and put this strategy into action in your Webotit virtual advisor.

For example, to collect emails, we can offer a discount in return for registering at a targeted point along the route.

We can also gamify the experience through games, whether on the website or in-store, with Webotit as the main tool. Using Webotit in this way will enable you to retrieve the desired user data.

Then, all this data collected, whether on your website, in-store, on Messenger or Instagram, will be automatically sent to your CRM.

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